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Best of Fest Screening Schedule

Don't miss your chance to see all our incredible nominees! 

Films are listed in alphabatical order below. Click the poster to see the trailer then click "Get Tickets" to be taken to EO Filx, the secure platform where we host our virtual screenings. Don't have the app? It's free to create an account.

Current sale price is $25 (ends March 31st) for the ALL Films Pass to see all 49 films that are screening this year.

Upcoming Packages/Pricing:

March 1st

In-Person Awards Ceremony Ticketing Begins = $25

March 31st
1 Feature = $5

5 Shorts = $5

2 Features and 10 Shorts = $15

5 Features and 20 Shorts = $30

All Films Pass = $60


May 20th (only individual tickets available after this date)

1 Feature = $8

1 Short = $4

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