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Crown Point International Film Festival (CPIFF) is a monthly and annual IMDb qualifying competition for filmmakers all over the world. Each month, our jury will award the best films through private screenings and have no connection to the films in competition. In addition to our monthly competition, our jury will select winning films from the entire year and nominate films to go on and compete in the annual Best of Fest awards. 

​All nominees for Best of Fest are announced every January. We want all our annual nominees to have their films seen and we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Entertainment Oxygen who will be our official streaming platform partner. The Best of Fest films have the opportunity to now reach a wider audience during our annual festival with virtual screenings.  Our live awards event for the 2024 Best of Fest will take place June 2nd at The Logan Theatre in Chicago, IL. Distribution companies, Film Critics and Press will be invited to attend the annual live event.


Our mission is to promote and celebrate films and filmmakers from all around the world and be another step forward to the filmmakers' careers. The Crown Point International Film Festival is all about encouraging filmmakers to cultivate creativity. Our founders have been in the industry for over 20 years and understand a true filmmakers passion, that they deny mediocrity and focus on making a huge impact on culture and humanity through their art and ALL the while having fun doing it. The ones who pursue and achieve their goals time and time again because they are so dedicated and frankly, that giving up is never an option. 

- Have a Great Poster? -

Here are some of our judges favorite posters that have submitted to the festival. These filmmakers know how to cultivate their creativity! Having a great poster is essential for marketing your film.

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- Looking for Distribution? -

Through our partnership with Entertainment Oxygen we can guarantee distribution for all of our Best of Fest nominees. After the annual festival has concluded the nominees have the option to sign an agreement with them.  The agreement is between you and EO, we do not receive any compensation if you sign with them. 

If you are not wanting distribution, use EO to network, find work and collaborate with other industry professionals free. 

It is also the secure platform for our festival screenings along with many other festivals.

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